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I am Schools Development Officer for Learning and Teaching at Adventist Schools Victoria. I work part-time in this role. My other part-time role is Learning and Teaching Coordinator at Gilson College, one of the ASV schools.


My personal learning journey in 2012 with our AGQTP Web 2.0 was a rich and exciting experience. I have learnt a lot. I have become more confident to explore Web 2.0 tools, and social media tools as well. I have learnt to use a blog, exploring how and what to post, how to add Wordpress widgets, and how to find other widgets by checking how others use them. I have learnt how to connect other blogs to my main blog. I have learnt a little about twitter and Edmodo. I have experimented with using a twitter hashtag to connect staff during PL #gilsoncollege (only tiny success), and have used a couple of hashtags to connect during a conference - #acel2012 or to follow another - #ulearn2012 .

As well as the tools discovered during Tom March's  PL, I have experimented with other Web 2.0 tools that I discovered while following blogs, or twitter, like this site, pinterest, and symbaloo. I've tried to renew my use of Diigo.

My goal for my blog was to try to link Adventist Schools Victoria's leaders and teachers, from time to time, to research, articles and videos etc. on educational and spiritual issues that may stimulate and provoke their interest and thinking to enhance their practice as well as their students’ academic and practical achievements and spiritual development.

It was my aim that leaders would find some of these ideas valuable for use in their professional learning sessions with their staff. I also hoped teachers would find information about the use of Web 2.0 tools, resources and ideas that might assist them to integrate ICT into all areas of learning and teaching in their classrooms, as well as ideas for embedding Christian values and special character themes in their classroom communities of faith and learning.

I hoped that teachers particularly, from the link to my Tumblr page, would find some digital stimuli and related thinking prompts ideas that might provoke them to develop similar thought provoking stimuli for use with their students around their teaching and learning themes.

The ‘Look to Learn’ prompts are reposted from the website of Tom March. Some extra thinking routines are taken from the Visible Thinking website, and the book ‘Making Visible Thinking’ by Ritchhart, Church and Morrison, a copy of which was given to all ASV teachers at 2012 ASVAC.

I have also added a page link to Edmodo so that teachers and leaders might consider creating a teacher account to explore how they could use this secure, education social networking tool with their classes and/or school staffs.

The secondary Science and HPE teachers from our independent school sector, Adventist Schools Victoria, have a login to access their respective Edmodo group page, and during the year have used their group pages intermittently. As well there is also now a Cognitive Coaching Connect group page for a few of us involved in the Victorian Hawker Brownlow HBPLS 2012 Cognitive Coaching training, under the auspices of  Independent Schools Victoria‘s Smarter Schools National Partnerships program.

The blog was quite experimental as I learnt with Tom March (again, through Independent Schools Victoria’s AGQTP program), how to use such a tool as a blog, as well as a number of other Web 2.0 tools like Tumblr to enhance learning and teaching, and professional learning.

My foray into using Twitter has been to connect with other learning and teaching professionals. I believe that Twitter can be a valuable tool for professional conversation and learning. I began with a personal twitter account, but decided that I needed a corporate account to separate private from public. I found this site through a Tweet! I have connected with a number of prominent educators through twitter follows. The best tweets for PL are those that include links to articles, blog posts etc.

I have also just recently established a corporate Facebook page, have begun curating content ( and re-established my Diigo account.

While I have extended a number of invitations to ASV leaders and teachers, on reflection I still have not connected well with them through the blog. (most of the blog followers are not ASV employees). This lack of connection is one reason that I established my corporate social network accounts.

I hope the Facebook page especially, as well as Twitter, might help leaders and teachers connect more readily with the blog. 

I have connected with others in our schools who are part of this ISV AGQTP group, including Susan, Renee, Mike, Amy and Anne who are from our school system. As well, with Tanya from one of our other schools. All these have blogs which have been or are beginning to be used with their classes. Madhuri and I are also connected on our blogs and LinkedIn.

A few colleagues are beginning to give me content now, but I want to have them to author on the blog themselves, rather than have me post for them.

I guess connections take time to establish so I intend to continue to be persistent with our ASV leaders and teachers.

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